Friday, January 3, 2014's 2014?

It's a new year--2014! Guess it's been awhile. I can remember when I used to write something everyday and sometimes pages and pages at a time to some special people I used to know. We all have to grow up and get "responsible" at some point--supposedly. I am still struggling with the fact that I am actually considered an adult. I don't feel all that much older. I remember complaining all the time in high school how my life was so hard in obligatory away messages. What did I have to do besides go to school, work, and deal with my parents? It seems so easy looking back on all of that now.

My new goal for the new year is to write more often and also to lose at least 35lbs. Somehow when I started cooking for myself and going out on wonderful dinner dates with my beau I gained some extra weight in what seems like over night. I can't believe it! I guess your metabolism really does change when you get older! *GASP* I remember saying things like, "Oh just kill me if I am not a size 4 or if my thighs touch." I guess you can say I have a healthy appetite. I do seriously love cooking though! I have become quite the passionate home cook which I'm sure is no surprise to anyone that's ever been over to my house. I feed EVERYONE--like they haven't eaten all day. In fact, I hope I have a bunch of boys some day so then my cooking will make sense.

My favorite cook books of recent are: Dollars to Donuts; Cook's Encyclopedia; and Simply in Season/More with Less. 

Proscuitto/Peas Rissotto
I have been cooking chicken risotto like crazy. Matt loves it and it reheats really well too. I'm not sure how healthy it is though! In fact, I've started counting my calories for the first time in my life ever and it's very depressing. I thought I was a normal person--I put sugar in my coffee, I don't eat breakfast usually, but I do eat lunch and dinner! I honestly never thought I was ever really over indulging. Except when I bake a bunch of cookies obviously but who can resist hot chewy chocolate chip cookies out of the oven?! Apparently the ribs/brown rice I had for lunch was basically my calories for the day. I had just 200 calories left for dinner. So I had popcorn & champagne! Cheers to the new year and the new YOU whatever your endeavors may be.