Saturday, May 8, 2010

hashing it out

I should rededicate my blog to something ...but I can't think of anything I do on that regular of a basis that would be interesting. I could write about what my life has been like the past few years being a yankee and living in the south. I could also write about working because that's what I do the most. I could write about music on occasion. I always feel like I should be writing more. I enjoy it but usually I have to grade papers instead.

I can honestly say things are going really well for me. I landed a job teaching Journalism & English at a school I really like. I'm working as a manager this summer at a very nice pool that has a laid back atmosphere. I'm completely twitterpated and in love with my new beau. Warm fuzzy feelings are abound. I'm going to be celebrating friends getting married, having babies, getting engaged and finishing schooling. I live in downtown Raleigh in a very nice neighborhood and I couldn't ask for anything more right now.