Thursday, September 25, 2008

new job

Hi Elisha,

We have finished the interview process and we'd like
to offer you the English I position. Please call
either Mr. Castranio or me tomorrow at 910-436-1436.

We are looking forward to having you join our
family at Overhills!

Sue Polumbo

Sue Polumbo
Freshman Assistant Principal
Overhills High School

Saturday, September 20, 2008

cup of joe

i forget how quiet mornings can really clear your mind. the sky is full of clouds and cool breeze makes my cheeks soft pink. I have been outside for a little over an hour now on campus. I love the feeling of fall. I have missed hot tea and heaps of blankets on my bed. 

the world is just waking up but i'm already wide awake. 

I've already been kicked out of a coffee shop. Josh dropped me off at Dunkin' Donuts b/c the local shop wasn't opened yet near there. I got my usual large latte and splurged and got a strawberry donut with rainbow sprinkles too. after figuring out the library is also probably not open on campus i remembered that another coffee shop was further down hillsborough. Cup of Joe is this really smoky coffee shop where all the cool intellectuals gather. It's near two of the coolest used book shops in town. I could see the open sign glowing orange and I could just imagine sitting down to enjoy some wireless internet....who knows maybe even another pastry! I walked in and ordered a cinnamon twist that had white frosting and glaze on top. She asked me if my order was to go and I said no. Then she rolled her eyes and said, "Well you know you can't have any other coffee drinks in here. Are you sure you don't want it to go?" I stared for a few minutes not really knowing what to do, just frozen in time staring at this fat white woman's tattoos and ugly face expression. I calmly explained to her that this was just my first coffee and I could feel it in my hand, it was about a quarter full. I thought about chugging it but figured the scary woman would probably spit on me. So I paid $1.89 for my cinnamon twist and got it to go. After I walked out the door I didn't really want my cinnamon twist. What could I do with it? I certainly wasn't going to return it. I walked by a dumpster and tossed it in. So what ... it cost me $1.89 to find out if I could sit down somewhere. I LOVE DUNKIN' DONUTS AND I DON'T CARE!!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

slap that baby make him free!!!

I never did find a slush puppy. 

days have felt like strangers. i've been feeling weird lately. 

like i've been collecting herbs all day and drinking coffee and then switching to beer.

i just saw two cop cars fly by the house with their lights on. this doesn't phase me at all. 

i thought we were going out so i have on a dress and my favorite red shoes. we aren't going anywhere tonight. 

tomorrow morning i am making french toast. 

no one should have more than two copies of David Bowie "Magic Dance" in itunes!!!